St Ignatius Weather

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

High Temperature: 73 °F
Low Temperature: 37 °F

St Ignatius is nestled in the heart of the Flathead Indian Reservation, at the foot of the Mission Mountains.  St Ignatius, also called Mission, is home of the St. Ignatius Mission built in the early 1890's. Just over 800 people call Mission home (according to the 2010 census).

When visiting St Ignatius (Mission) there are several areas to explore.  Check out their cozy main street, their Amish community just north of town, The National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge, just west of town and of course the Mission Mountains. Be sure and bring your camera, their daily view is the envy of most!  The Mission Mountains offer hiking, camping, or if you would rather play on water consider floating the Flathead River or fish in the lake behind Mission Dam, McDonald Lake or St Mary's Lake.  Tribal permits are required.  (Link to come)

Their big event is the Good Old Days Celebration held in July.  The  live webcam  shares the view of the Mission Mountains and a daily time lapse.  You are welcome to see them here any time or join us daily for pictures of our Mountains on Facebook at 

Photography Credits

Photography comes from one of three sources

  1. Panoramic Live Webcams
  2. Western Spirit Photography ~ Roxanne Duffy
  3. Developing Wings, Inc. ~ Roxane Rinard

To learn more about the Live Webcams explore Scenic Webcams

To learn more about Roxanne Duffy explore her page.  To see more of her wonderful art work explore her page.  We enjoy working with her and love to see what new and interesting images she has taken!